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Publications: Analysis and views

Legal analysis of farmland expropriationLegal analysis of farmland expropriation in Namibia
  • Legal opinion on the expropriation of commercial farmland, focusing on the terms ‘national interest’ and ‘just compensation’.
  • Download PDF [553 kb]
Political-party-representatives-challenged-01On the record: Political party representatives challenged. Part 1: Political Platforms
  • Based on questionnaires that constitute the basis of in-depth interviews with party representatives.
  • Download PDF [1772 kb]
Political-party-representatives-challenged-02On the record: Political party representatives challenged. Part 2: Economic Programs
  • An examination of economic issues that are generally omitted by political party manifestos.
  • Download PDF [799 kb]
Herero-lawsuit-against-the-Deutsche-BankHerero lawsuit against the Deutsche Bank
  • The prospects of success for the Herero lawsuit against the Deutsche Bank for crimes committed during German colonial times. An assessment of possible outcomes.
  • Download PDF [1567 kb]
Land-and-landscape-in-Otjiherero-oral-cultureLand and landscape in Otjiherero oral culture
Regional-Councils-and-decentralizationRegional Councils and decentralization: At the Crossroads
  • A review of the progress made by the decentralization policy and of Regional Council’s track records.
  • Download PDF [1014 kb]
Spot-the-differenceSpot the difference: Political party platforms compared
  • Analysis of political parties’ ideological histories; comparing manifestos and publications across a wide range of issues.
  • Download PDF [679.05 kb]
We-write-what-we-like"We write what we like"
Prostitution-in-WindhoekProstitution in Windhoek
Intercultural-communication-and-integrationIntercultural communication and integration

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