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Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID)

The Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID), founded in 1991, implements a range of civic education, civil society development, socio-political survey and research and anti-corruption programs in Namibia. Funded by a variety of donors, these programs all aim to strengthen civil society and the public’s capacity to interact with government at all levels in an informed manner, to strengthen democratic institutions, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of public opinion and the support of public debate. In this process, the NID consults with the government, civil society, interest groups, political parties, the media, institutional authorities and private citizens in the design and implementation of its programs.

Through its regional office, the NID also provides a range of additional services to local and international non-governmental, academic, training and service institutions.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Project design and implementation in Namibia for international development and non-governmental organisations that conduct programs in Namibia. Services include project design and planning, recruitment and staffing, government liaison, training and technical assistance, project coordination, administrative and financial control, reporting, monitoring and evaluation. Projects typically relate to civic education, multimedia campaigns, implementation of integrity systems and capacity building.
  • Conducting or facilitating research, surveys and studies on contemporary social and political issues in Namibia by in-house researchers or a wide network of academic experts at Namibia’s tertiary institutions and other research institutions in Namibia and abroad.
  • Providing capacity-building programs for local organizations and public institutions. Such training and technical assistance includes organisational management skills, financial reporting and administration, project management, advocacy skills, workplace ethics/anti-corruption, public relations and communications strategies, website and intranet development, event management, development of media materials and labour issues.


The NID is loyal to the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, the State and its institutions. The NID zealously guards its political neutrality and objectivity. The NID is committed to the well being of the citizens of the Republic of Namibia and the promotion of the Republic of Namibia as a democratic state.

Mission Statement

To promote and protect values and principles of multi-party democracy through education and nurture political tolerance and national reconciliation in Namibia.


The NID is registered according to Section 21 of the Companies Act (Act 61 of 1973) as an Association not for Gain. The NID is governed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of different political persuasions, as well as the churches, civil society and the private sector. A full-time staff component conduct the institute’s programs. From time to time, the NID appoints external short terms experts, project assistants or volunteers on a contract basis to assist with the facilitation of programs. All employees are bound by the NID’s company manual, which contains a detailed set of policies guiding all decision-making and behaviour.

The NID has developed a highly specialized administrative system to comply with different requirements and expectations of a variety of donors, as well as requirements as stipulated by law according to the Companies Act.

The NID’s financial records are audited annually by auditing firm Grant Thornton Neuhaus. Audited financial statements since the NID’s inception are available.

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