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Civil Society

What is a Civil Society?

The term Civil Society is used to describe a wide range of organizations, networks, associations, groups and movements that are independent from government and that sometimes come together to advance their commen interests through collective action. Traditionally, civil society includes all organisations that occupy the "Social Space" between the family and the state, excluding political parties and firms.

Civil Society in Namibia

Guide to Civil Society

In order to further strengthen civil society in Namibia and support the interaction between government and civil society, the NID compiled this guide to provide an overview of the mandate of NGOs and CSOs in Namibia, together with contact details and the sectors in which they are active. Organisations who responded to a questionnaire that was distributed and announced in the media are included. It is hoped that the guide will serve as reference tool to local and international development institutions and NGOs requiring information on the activities of civil society or looking for partners for specific programs in Namibia.

Guide Civil SocietyGuide to Civil Society


Connecting the Dots

The NID has launched its "Connecting the Dots" campaign, through which it is endeavoured to publicise the work that Civil Society Organisations are doing in Namibia. A series of short films featuring different CSOs has been produced to be screened by the national broadcaster. Newspaper print articles highlight CSO activities.

Civil Society Support Program (CSSP)

The participation of civil society is a crucial element of democracy. The concept of civic participation in governance is arguably the fundamental pillar in the promotion and protection of democratic governance. However, especially in the rural areas in Namibia, civil society organisations often lack the institutional capacities to play a meaningful role in the development of Namibia’s democracy. This hampers the rural CSOs’ capacities to meaningfully interact with Government at all levels.

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Civil Society

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